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Online airfoil plotter

Plot and print the shape of an airfoil (aerofoil) for your specific chord width.
  • A number of airfoil section can be selected from the drop down menu. There is a much larger range of airfoil coordinates available on the University of Illinois airfoil coordinates database. The data in the ".dat" files on this site can be pasted into the coordinates window for plotting. The form at the bottom of the page can be used to retrieve the data and preview the airfoil shape.
  • The links at the bottom of the page give some other sources of airfoil coordinates
  • The airfoil thickness can be adjusted by altering the percentage thickness.
  • The airfoil may optionally be plotted around the circumference of a circle, for example to match the radius of the vertical axis wind turbine or to change the camber.
  • The origin can be moved to any position within the airfoil from 0 to 100%.
  • The size of the grid is configurable.
  • The full size airfoil plot can be opened on a blank page for printing. Large plots can be printed over multiple pages.
Airfoil Choose from list or select "Enter coordinates"
     Coordinates The coordinates.
Paste in the dat file data from the University of Illinois database or use the form below to preview and get the files.
Any missing or invalid data will be ignored so check the information was entered correctly.

This dat file is in Selig format
Chord (mm) Chord width in millimetres
Radius (mm) Radius of camber in millimetres, Zero for no curve
Thickness (%) Thickness adjustment.100% is normal thickness. 50% is half. 200% is double
Origin (%) Adjust the position of the origin e.g. 50% is mid chord
Reverse Plot a mirror image about vertical axis
Invert Plot a mirror image about horizontal axis
Data box Print the airfoil data on the image
X grid (mm) X grid size in millimetres
Y grid (mm) Y grid size in millimetres
Paper width (mm) Multi-page print. A4 landscape approx 280mm
Paper height (mm) Multi-page print. A4 landscape approx 200mm

Download the airfoil data

Select an airfoil from the drop down menu and the dat file will be fetched from the University of Illinois airfoil coordinates database and displayed in the window with a preview image. Use this in the form above to plot the airfoil to the required size.
Airfoil Choose from list
     Coordinates The coordinate data.
Use the "Push to plotter" button or in the plotter form above, select "Enter coordinates" and paste this into the coordinates field.

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